Pneumatics,Solenoid Valve,Cylinder,Air Source Treatment,Grinder,WuXi HuaTong Pneumatic Manufacture Co.,LTD.Our Company produces high-quality pneumatic cylinders as well as pneumatic valves in all sizes according to our customers' needs. All for attractive prices! We have satisfied customers for our custom-made pneumatics in China, USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, and various other countries.

XXL-Cylinders: For the German market, we produce extra-large pneumatic cylinders in steel with excellent accuracy. We are able to make up to 2.000 mm diameter and lengths up to 4.500 mm. 

Custom-made Stainless Steel Cylinder: For the Australian market we produce custom-made cylinders with various shapes and requirements, such as high-speed cylinders. 

Aluminum Smelters huge series: In China we produce for Aluminum Smelters huge series of custom-made special cylinders insteel and aluminum. 

We have a large variety of pneumatic and hydraulic accessories which could even in some cases be modified as the customers' demands, but mostly we have something exactly fitting the customers' requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for further details and inquiries. We are always at your service!

Your Huatong Customization Team